We are a committee of concerned citizens, activists and volunteers working to improve the lives and livelihoods of residents of Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia. We are committed to a wide variety of progressive, pro-society causes, including the following:

  • Fiscal responsibility
  • civil and human rights
  • individual liberty
  • economic and labor justice
  • quality education
  • equitable and reliable transportation
  • veterans’ concerns
  • environmental protection

We are also the county branch of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Officers 2021 2023

LC Myles

1st Vice-Chair

Dr. Jean Embry

2nd Vice-Chair

Gerald Stacks

3rd Vice-Chair

Terence Dicks

4th Vice-Chair

Jessie Cunningham

5th Vice-Chair

Betty Reece


Dolly Jones


Dr. Lowell Greenbaum

Chair Emeritus

The Executive Committee of the Richmond County Democratic Committee consists of the Chair, the five Vice Chairs, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Executive Committee is responsible for handling the affairs of the County Committee between Committee meetings and recommending action to the County Committee. The Executive Committee is aided in its work by five assistants appointed by the Chair. Additionally, the Chair nominates and the Executive Committee approves two representatives from the Richmond County Democratic Committee who serve on the Board of Elections.

The Committees of RCDP are responsible for planning and organizing committee work in their respective areas in accordance with the bylaws. The Committee Chairs are appointed by the Chair of RCDC except for the Finance Committee, which is ex-officio chaired by the First Vice Chair, and the Membership Committee, which is ex-officio chaired by the Second Vice Chair.

The District Captains are responsible for planning and organizing committee work in their respective commission districts. The District Captains are appointed by the RCDC Chair.


Appointed Leadership

  • Board of Elections Representatives
    • Terence Dicks
    • Marcia Brown
  • Assistants to the Executive Committee
    • Assistant Secretary: TBD
    • Assistant Treasurer: TBD​
    • Parliamentarian: TBD
    • Sergeant-At-Arms: TBD
    • Chaplain: TBD
  • Committee Chairs
    • Finance Chair: LC Myles
    • Ways & Means Chair: TBD
    • Membership Chair: Jean Embry
    • Affirmative Action Chair: TBD
    • Publicity/Public Relations Chair: TBD
    • Political Action Chair: TBD
    • District & Precinct Development Chair: TBD
    • Candidate Recruitment Chair: TBD
    • Events Chair: TBD
  • Commission District Captains
    • District 1 Captain: TBD
    • District 2 Captain: TBD​
    • District 3 Captain: TBD
    • District 4 Captain: TBD​
    • District 5 Captain: TBD​
    • District 6 Captain: TBD​
    • District 7 Captain: TBD​
    • District 8 Captain: TBD